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Have you ever seen this picture before, maybe at a church or theater? This sign indicates that the venue has an audio induction loop. An audio induction loop is a special type of sound system for use by people with hearing aids. The hearing loop provides a magnetic wireless signal that is picked up by the hearing aid when it is set to the telecoil setting. This is beneficial to the patient wearing the hearing aids because it is able to reduce the background noise, competing sounds and reverberation, all of which can distort sound and reduce clarity.

In order to have this ability to wire the signal from a speaker to the hearing aid, the hearing aid must have a telecoil (t-coil) in the hearing aid. To access the t-coil program the hearing aid user either pushes a button or flips a switch on their hearing aids. Some of the hearing aids have to have the t-coil program turned on by the audiologist. If this is something that you or a family member are interested in or wonder if your hearing aid has this capability please call our office at (260) 469-6919 and we would be more than happy to schedule an appointment to look at your hearing aids.

Some areas that can be looped include churches, theaters, auditoriums, ticket windows, airports, train stations, and offices. The following are locations in and around Fort Wayne that have a loop system:

  • Fort Wayne:
    • St. Jude Parish
    • Trinity English Lutheran Church
    • First Presbyterian Church
    • Holy Cross Lutheran Church and School
    • Concordia Lutheran Church
    • Redeemer Lutheran Church
    • Saint Jude Catholic Church
    • Our Lady of Good Hope – with the completion of the church renovation on May 28th, 2019
  • Indianapolis
    • Indiana State Museum
    • Westview Christian Church
    • Northminster Presbyterian Church
    • Allisonville Christian Church
  • Warsaw
    • Mentone Christian Fellowship
  • Marion
    • Meijer #153 Pharmacy
  • South Bend
    • South Bend international Airport
    • Evangelical Covenant Church