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Hearing Marvelously in the New Year

Hearing Marvelously in the New Year

Do you ever avoid social situations because you’re afraid you’ll miss out on conversation? Or what about when you go to the movies and have to ask your neighbor why everyone is laughing, just to find out that you missed the main punch line? It’s frustrating! The good news is, it doesn’t have to be.

I’ve worn hearing aids since I was 17-years-old and can’t imagine where I would be today without them. Like everything else in life, hearing aid technology is constantly evolving in order to improve quality of life. I would have never believed that hearing aids would be both rechargeable and Bluetooth compatible when I received my first pair.

Being hearing impaired and working in the audiology field, I’ve had the unique opportunity to experiment with various devices over the years. When I heard Phonak would be releasing their new Marvel product in December 2018, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a pair to hear what all the buzz was about. I was heading out of town over the weekend and figured I’d put the Marvels to the test. Friday night, my tinnitus was so bothersome that I was having trouble falling asleep. The Marvels were already paired to my iPhone, so I figured I would listen to some music before going back to bed. Eight hours later I woke up and realized that I had fallen asleep with the hearing aids on! They were so comfortable that I didn’t even know I had fallen asleep wearing them.

Late Saturday morning, my fiancé and I traveled to Indianapolis for the weekend. I often have to ask for repetition while in the car, but not this time. I was able to follow our conversation the whole drive, even with music playing in the background! Needless to say, both he and I were pleasantly surprised. Later that evening we went out for dinner downtown, restaurants are a challenging listening environment for me, so again, I was eager to put the Marvels to the test. I was nervous when I saw we were being seated in a booth facing the entire restaurant- oh no! When the waiter came to the table, I couldn’t believe the noise reduction features of the device. I was not only able to hear the waiter speaking but was able to keep up with what my fiancé was saying next to me. After the waiter left the table, my fiancé asked if I needed anything repeated regarding the specials, and I was beaming when I told him, “nope!” Again, we were both amazed!

Sunday afternoon we attended an NFL game. With the high ceilings, reverberation, and large crowd, I was afraid it would be difficult to hear and keep up with conversation. Being able to adjust the volume of each hearing aid separately, I was able to manipulate the devices to help me hear optimally once sitting in our seats. Although the devices adapt automatically to speech and the environment, it was comforting knowing that I was able to manually adjust them to personalize my comfort. The worries I had walking into the stadium quickly vanished as I knew the Marvels had my back.

It wasn’t until I tried the Marvels that I realized what I’ve been missing. If you would like to experience this marvelous device for yourself call The Hearing Center (260) 469-6919 to schedule an appointment with one of the audiologists. You won’t be disappointed!