Phonak Naida B

Phonak Naida B


Phonak Naída B is the only hearing aid family, specifically developed for adults with severe to profound hearing loss, that allows for the use of directional microphones even when combined with Roger. The enhanced Roger and directional setting now activates the hearings aids’ directional microphones at an even lower noise level. In this way, clients benefit from enhanced hearing performance in noise nearby and over distance.

Phonak Naida B Colors

Phonak Naida B Colors:

Available in a range of colors, so your Naida B is as unique as you are.

  • Sand beige
  • Sandalwood
  • Chestnut
  • Champagne
  • Silver grey
  • Graphite grey
  • Velvet black
  • Alpine White
  • Beige

Engineering excellence in a first-class design

Thanks to expert engineering and design excellence, Naída B can reliably deliver the power needed to manage a severe to profound hearing loss. Incorporating state-of-the-art technology in a first-class design, it is made up of high-tech composite materials and has the industry’s highest IP rating.11 The robust housings provide clients the confidence to go about their daily lives, knowing that their hearing aids will function reliably and withstand even the toughest listening situations.

More fitting flexibility

With the new proprietary fitting formula Adaptive Phonak Digital Contrast, we now introduce a slow compression option, developed to meet the processing needs of clients with poor auditory resolution abilities. Through longer attack and release times, the spectral contrasts as well as the speech signal modulations are better preserved. This increases the envelope cues for speech compared to Adaptive Phonak Digital, so it is now possible to get closer to the original speech signal and make lost details in speech more pronounced. Research shows that this leads to improved vowel recognition for some clients.

More audibility of high-frequency sounds

SoundRecover2 provides clients with loss of high-frequency hearing a further enhanced listening experience versus the original SoundRecover feature. Sound quality of mid and low frequencies is maintained, while relevant high-frequency sounds are compressed and thereby made audible. The adaptive behavior guarantees that this is only applied when the level of the input signal requires it.

Excellent speech understanding

The loss of signal-to-noise ratio determines whether clients can only hear or actually understand what is being said.

Phonak Naída B default first fit provides the industry’s best Speech Intelligibility Index (SII) results for clients with severe to profound hearing loss.

Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ provides excellent signal-to-noise ratio in background noise and in challenging listening situations. It has the ability to stream the full audio bandwidth in real-time and bi-directionally across both hearing aids to improve speech understanding and reduce listening effort.

Most feature-rich rechargeable hearing aid from Phonak

Phonak Naída B-R RIC is the most feature-rich rechargeable hearing aid from Phonak, dedicated to clients with severe to profound hearing loss. With 40% more capacity than conventional rechargeable batteries, our proven built-in lithium-ion technology is reliable and fully supports the superior performance of Naída B-R RIC.