Phonak CROS B-R

Phonak CROS B-R


With CROS B-R, clients now get all the proven benefits of Phonak CROS in a rechargeable option so they can enjoy a full day of hearing from both sides, with no battery hassles. Powered by Phonak Belong™ technology, this product features our signature Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ for excellent speech understanding in noise. Plus, CROS B-R is super easy to fit and demo, thanks to Phonak Target.

Dedication and expertise in the CROS segment

Since the introduction of the industry‘s first wireless CROS solution in 2011, Phonak has continued to deliver proven technology that has helped change the lives of people with single-sided deafness. That dedication has paid off – hearing care professionals are happy:

  • 85% of professionals are satisfied with Phonak CROS.
  • 89% of professionals who have fit Phonak CROS iwill fit it on another patient.
  • 89% of professionals would recommend Phonak CROS.

A full day of hearing from both sides with no battery hassles

This means greater convenience for everyone. Clients simply charge their CROS solution overnight and use it all day. Thanks to a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery, there’s no more dealing with disposable batteries that are small and difficult to handle, no more remembering to carry spare batteries, no more inconvenient battery changes.

And because there’s no need for you to explain battery issues and maintenance, you get more counseling and demo time with your clients.

Rechargeable lithium-ion technology

At Phonak, we utilize the full extent of lithium-ion batteries for our rechargeable solutions, thus allowing us to create a sustainable and durable hearing aid without any compromise.

With a full day of hearing and streaming, our rechargeable hearing aids consistently deliver excellent performance. With the battery tested to last 6 years, reliability is not an issue, and for this reason we are able to completely integrate the battery into the hearing aid.

The sealed battery makes it more robust and provides optimal protection from dust and water. This results in 15% more reliability compared to solutions with exchangeable batteries. With that being said, our proven lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids have already appealed to more than a 1/4 million people worldwide.


  • Full day of hearing including unlimited streaming
  • Tested to last 6 years
  • Charges faster
  • More reliable