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Hearing Aid Selection

Advice For Hearing Aid Selection

Several styles of hearing aids and levels of technology are available to improve hearing. The type or style of instrument is generally based on the hearing evaluation, the anatomy of the external ear, the life-style of the individual, age, etc.

Binaural amplification is recommended for bilateral hearing loss to reduce the detrimental effects of auditory deprivation. It will also provide better sound localization, help improve your ability to understand speech in noisy environments, and help to process overall sound more efficiently.

Digital Technology

This sophisticated level of technology incorporates digital signal processing. Digital circuitry provides the highest fidelity of sound reproduction available. Digital technology also provides greater flexibility and fine-tuning capabilities, and its electronic efficiency in amplifying soft sounds and limiting loud sounds is far superior to that inherent in analog devices.

Some advanced and specialty circuits may also utilize directional microphones, as well as a variety of noise suppression features, to further enhance understanding speech in the presence of background noise. A user volume control may not be necessary due to the automatic functioning of these devices.

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